No Limits Monster Trucks

Monster Trucks


Event Date & Time


NWMT FAIRGROUNDS ARENA – 265 N Meridian Rd, Kalispell, MT 59901

Attendees should note

  • There is great homemade fresh food at our concession stands, No Food or Drink may be brought in.
  • No video camera or professional extended lens cameras are allowed.
  • Event length approximately 2 to 3 hours.
  • Check out the Kids races!
  • Event FAQ
  • Ticket Help or for more information phone 940-683-4742.


  • All Ticket sales are non-refundable.
  • You can transfer/resell. If the event is rescheduled, all purchases will be honored at the next event date.
  • If you can not attend the new date, you may transfer your tickets. If the event is canceled, not postponed, there will be a full refund issued.
  • All talent is subject to change.
  • We have the right to refuse admission to attendees for any reason.
  • Seating is not guaranteed 20 minutes before the event. We are not responsible for external issues that keep you from reaching the event.
  • For orders of over 12 tickets call the office 940-683-4742 for a special party discount 
EACH Event length approximately 2 to 3 hours.

See the Biggest, Baddest, Wildest event on dirt invade the NWMT Fairgrounds Arena
Saturday June 15th 1pm & 7pm
Day of   event Tickets might be available at the gate – if any are left.  Ticket prices higher at the gate!
Gates open one hour prior to each event.
VIP TICKET HOLDERS Meet and Greet the Drivers and get up close to the Trucks during the FREE VIP pit party!
Best Seating area for watching the action plus you are under the roof of the grandstand in case bad weather hits
Early entry Save your seats (Two hours prior to each event starting time)
Early access to the Ride Truck ($15 per person per ride)
VIP Pit Party Meet n Greet photo opps

VIP ADULT 13yrs and older $30 
VIP CHILD 3yrs thru 12yrs $15
VIP 4 pack $100  
Ticket Prices may fluctuate and raise due to supply & demand.
Prices are more at the gate!  Save money and also do not take the chance as we feel this event will sell out!
We expect a sellout of this years  Monster Trucks & Thrill Show

Open air bleachers
Endzone viewing
Access to the ride truck
General Admission ADULT 13yrs and older $25
General Admission CHILD 3yrs thru 12 yrs $10

 Monster Truck line-up is full of TV trucks, and they are some of the fastest, well-known trucks you have seen on TV!  
 This event is more than a Monster Truck show!  Hold on to your seats – the LEVEL of EXCITEMENT is going to be Shocking! 

MONTANA is famous for its Crazy Tuff Truck drivers! Local and area Hot Rodders will bring old pickups, jeeps, even old demo derby cars and get in the competition!  Bring your cameraWe have raised the purse for the tuff trucks!  There is ONE Tuff Truck class> email us for the rules [email protected] Wait till you see these guys & gals in their racers going for it over jumps and getting some big air!

BLAST FROM THE PAST – Big Ed gets his name from being 6ft 2inches tall and over 300 pounds.  He first  jumped at the Fairgrounds in 1989 on the same Harley powered 600cc dirt bike that he will use here. He did his jumps back then to two sol  In the late 1990’s Harley-Davidson recieved a contract for a new wave of Army motorcycles that would form one of the newer style of dirt bikes for United States Army.  They wanted a motorcycle that would be tough, light, and resilient and they built one for sure.  Big Ed just went through Colon Cancer last year and after removing the tumor they give him a clear bill of health. That is when this rockn 73 year old decided he was going to start performing again.  Get your cameras out this is goign to be heartstopping! 

Free for the Kids to Race!  Kids 3-9yrs will race with their own battery-powered Power Wheels. In two classes this year we have our usual 6volt-12volt class, and a 16v-36v class.  Call the office 940-683-4742 if you want to hold space for your child to enter. FREE to Race all you need is tickets. Awards to the top 3 in each class each event!

VIP TICKET holders can come early prior to the show beginning at 2 HOURS prior to each event for the VIP PIT PARTY. You can get up close to see the Trucks and take photos with the Monsters. Meet the competitors and get autographs from the riders and drivers from 12 noon thru 12:45pm and then 5:30pm thru 6:30pm. 

During the VIP PIT PARTY Kids and Adults will enjoy the Monster Ride Truck, get the ride of your life on-board a real Monster Truck during the Pit Party and Intermission also after the show!  
(Ride Truck Operator charge a $15 fee for each person to ride/ride tickets available at the truck).

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