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VIP 4 Pack of Tickets (4 VIP Tickets Huge Discount)No Limits Monster Trucks Gonzales, LA Jan. 20th 7pm


No Limits Monster Trucks & Thrill Show Cajun Nationals Saturday January 20th 7pm inside the Gonzales, Louisiana

VIP 4 Pack of  VIP Tickets (4 VIP Tickets Huge Discount) Feb 24th 7pm

No Limits Monster Trucks & Thrill Show CAJUN MONSTER TRUCK NATIONALS Saturday January 20th 7pm inside the LAMAR DIXON ARENA, Gonzales, Louisiana 

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After a 2 year hiatus the No Limits Monster Trucks & Thrill Show returns inside the LAMAR DIXSON ARENA in Gonzales one of our favorite event locations.  This event is one we have been working on for two years, and we are happy to report we have many fans who have asked us week after week to come back to Gonzales, Louisiana.
Building exciting and thrilling events to entertain is our focus. We always try to one-up the last years event, which yearly events we find it a huge challenge. We think this year we have exactly what the people in the Centex area will want to see the CAJUN MONSTER TRUCK GRAND NATIONALS!  This is going to be a huge event the whole family will enjoy.
Showtime is Saturday January 20th at 7pm with the doors opening at 5:30pm. We will have a full Food Court with Hot Food and merchandise for sale. There will be a Monster Ride Truck at this show also! Spectators can choose to ride in this real monster truck and it is exciting. The driver actually will drive on the same track as the monster trucks will compete on, but of course way slower and safety is our first concern. The Truck owner & operator sells tickets to the ride truck at the truck for only $15.

No Limits Monster Trucks including Television stars>
The monster trucks will compete in a Donut Spinning contest – Best Monster Truck Trick -Freestyle Monster Trucks.
Plus we have Tuff Truck Races – Call our office #940-683-4742 Monday thru Friday for more information.
Also a very special event as the World’s Largest Motorcycle DareDevil 280 pound – 73 year old BIG ED BECKLEY is coming out of retirement! The last time he jumped in Louisiana in 2015 the Monroe Civic Center was sold out!  We expect to sell this show out, Cajun’s are always get excited when we bring a daredevil to our events.
This time BIG ED is going to carry a passenger on behind him! He is bringing a very pretty in-shape athletic gal that is ready to make history! Her name is Stacey Steinert and is married to one of Ed’s longtime friend. Stacey is not afraid and looking forward to their Jump! This will be the first time either have ever rode on the same motorcycle while jumping over cars!  
First time ever for a Motorcycle Jump like this one to ever happen in the Lamar Dixon Arena!
BIG ED is a big dude and is already like having two people on his special built Harley-Davidson jump bike! He has performed all over the US and Canada in Louisiana inside the Super Dome, the Cajun Dome, Monroe Civic Center, State Capitol Dragway . . . but this will be the first time to ever jump in Gonzales. 
One of his biggest challenges he just went thru, a huge health battle! In December 2022 he was diagnosed with Cancer and he went thru several risky operations and is now CANCER FREE! His doctor released him August 14th, and told him to be careful! Beckley has strong faith and he says God saved him, it was a miracle and we know he will keep he and Stacey safe!
You will not want to miss this!
Gonzales, Louisiana
Save Money buy tickets in advance online NOW  
O’Reilly Auto Parts store located at 1923 Louisiana 30 W, Gonzales, LA 70737 and many stores in the local area and surrounding towns will have O’Reilly Auto Parts Discount General Admission Tickets/ 
 The event is a yearly event and every year we strive to have plenty of Wow moments! We bring monster trucks from all over the US and this year we have some new ones never seen in Louisiana!
Do you have questions about how to enter the Kids Power Wheels races, the Tuff Truck Races, Motorcycle Races or about any part of the show? call our office 9am to 6pm 940-683-4742 for answers.
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