Worldwide Checkered Flag Promotions LLC

Frequently Fan Questions

What is a Pit Party Pass?

A Pit Party Pass is usually a bonus to purchasing the front rows or a VIP ticket.  Each VIP ticket holder will allow early entry to the arena.  It will allow you access to the drivers and to get close up to the trucks and other stars of the show to meet them and get autographs and photos taken with the stars of your choice.  The VIP Pit Party is usually open for at least one hour prior to the show, please see schedule for the event you are attending to see the opening and close of Pit Party times.


Trucks and specialty acts are owned by individual drivers or teams and we hire them to come to the event usually many months prior to the show. Please check the schedule as the list might update at the last minute as these trucks do have catastrophic mechanical failures and might be replaced. We shall do everything in our power to provide all vehicle information and keep it updated. Please be aware that this schedule is subject to change without notice prior to the event.


Traditionally 2yrs and younger are free.  Most tickets are sold in relation to a seat.  Each person no matter the age that attends will usually need a ticket as per most arena and stadium’s rules.  Motorsports events are loud and we do recommend ear protection especially for smaller children you should consider earplugs which are on sale at the venue.


Normally our event runs for 2.5 hours including an intermission.  That time period could change with a crash something out of our control.


There are ample concession stands with usual arena type food and even some sites have a healthy menu option to the usual Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Nachos, and other items like Popcorn. Usually there is Water, pop, and sometimes adult beverages are available also.

No food or drink may be brought into the arena without prior approval.


Yes! Monster Trucks and Motorsports Shows are inherently loud.  Most definitely please bring your personal snap shot camera and take lots of pictures so you can share how much fun you had with those that did not attend.  Still photography is the only photography allowed.  Video cameras are not allowed at our events.  Most venues do not allow a camera that could be considered professional level cameras with extended lenses.  If your camera is questionable we would suggest contact us prior to the event to clarify what is allowed. 


We have many various reasonable priced packages available are season long major sponsors or right down to singly race sponsors or basic infield signage.

For further information please feel free to contact us via email Ed Beckley > or via the CFP hotline 940-683-4742 Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm Central Time.


A monster spectacular is a variety of entertainment obviously the main feature is the monster trucks slamming into and jumping over cars and various obstacles. Monster Trucks have very high performance engines and they can only run for approximately a maximum of five minutes at a time before they over heat. The engines are usually over 500 cubic inches and have 1500 plus horsepower engines which need time to cool down. To give them time to do that and required maintenance we run various support attractions such as FMX motorcycles, daredevil acts, Jet Vehicles, Demo Derbies, motocross races, Tuff Trucks and other things that appeal to kids and families. Our show is a family show and is certainly NOT just Monster Trucks.


We have merchandise stands at every event with a great variety of collectibles for sale on site at all of our shows at very affordable prices.  Some of the drivers and performers have their own photos, hats, and T shirts for sale and they will be at the merchandise stands when available.  Payment can be done with cash or credit or debit cards.   At most arenas there are ATM machines for your needs.

Some Facts

  • CFP’s mission is to put on a Safe, Exciting, Enjoyable, Family Show, or a SEEF Show as Ed calls it, only he pronounces it safe.
  • CFP business day is mostly made up of total production of ticketed Motorsports events and we have also promoted and produced rock and country concerts and rodeos.
  • CFP Advertising is an in-house Advertising Agency that has also done work for several other clients including motorcycle shops, movie theaters, and other promotion companies.
  • We have also operated the Dodge City Raceway Park a 7.2 million dollar dirt race track. The second year of running the track Ed was awarded the 2009 WORLD OF OUTLAW SPRINT CAR Promoter of the Year, plus the track was awarded WORLD OF OUTLAW TRACK OF THE YEAR.
  • CFP has its own art department with graphic arts and also writes and produces their own radio and television commercials.
  • CFP has done business with many top venues and State Fairs in the United States and Canada.
  • Video is for sale and we will license any of our footage. We would be glad to discuss it with your representative.
  • Currently we are doing a list of events that are dates they have been going to for many years including BILLINGS, MONTANA (34th Year) – SALISBURY, MARYLAND (28th Year) – ARDMORE, OKLAHOMA (31sth Year) – POCATELLO (20th Year) – BELTON, TEXAS (15 years) and many more we have been doing for multiple years.

President & CEO

The President and CEO of the Company is Ed Beckley.  Ed has been featured on the cover of Fortune Small Business Magazine with a huge 5 page pictorial and story of his endeavors and has worked with some of the most well-known promoters in the world. Our staff has written many safety rules for many different types of motorsports events and as a safety consultant for K&K Insurance.

Ed has been involved in Motorsports for over 30 years. He became involved in promotion by being a Motorcycle Stuntman and gained National Publicity with him being the WORLD’S LARGEST MOTORCYCLE JUMPER.

Ed has worked side by side with the pioneers of motorsports and is very connected and respected in the promotional world. He has spread this wealth of experience and knowledge to his staff.