No Limits Monster Trucks & Motorsports Spectacular

Kalispell, Montana is a very positive motorsports town, lots of race fans BUT there is no racing in the area! These people are hungry for the roar of a huge motor and watch something that will knock them out of their seats! Good news Montana, we are coming to Kalispell September 5th with two shows in one day. The first event is at 1pm and last probably 2 hrs then we have a 7 o’clock evening show. Both events are full shows with everything the same from the 1pm event.

We were there June 13th, was right in the middle of Cov 19 scare. To keep our people safe we took many precautions then, and now we are taking it up a notch. Paramedics will be stationed at the gates to check temperature and help people. We will keep in contact with the County Health Department and keep updated with any other ideas they have. Our company is dedicated to do all we can to make sure you and your families are safe.

In June, many people bought discount tickets in advance on our online box office. Some took the chance there would be tickets at the gate and about 700 spectators were left outside. Ticket sales were ceased after we hit the 2000 sales per event in accordance with the County Health Department. Our next events we will be doing social distancing and other procedures.

The No Limits Monster Trucks will be performing at 110%, this event is very important for the Summer National Championship! We have a 3 way tie between drivers Eric Swanson (Obsessed) – Tyler Groth (Covid Crusher/TroubleMaker) – and Travis Groth (Trouble Maker). At this last show we will crown a Summer Nationals Championship.

Other scheduled parts of the show are local drivers in Tuff Truck Competition as well as kids Power Wheels Races. There is also a monster ride truck.

There’s more including a Hot Rod Truck Pull also 4×4 Mud Drags, anyone can enter! We have open invitation for any UTV drivers that would like to race! Give us a call. Questions, contact the CFP office 940-683-4742 or

Discount Tickets –

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Don’t miss this – it will be one whole year until we return!