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NO Limits Entertainment

Checkered Flag Promotions has always had a pocket full of different events we promote and produce.  Currently we are known for the one of the leaders in the Monster Truck promotions going on in the world and the first to offer and only legitmate series for the independent monster truck owner to be able to go win a National Title,
No Limits
No Limits those two words conjure up a picture of whatever it takes and that is what we do, WHATEVER it takes to provide the best tracks for the competitors to race on, the best value for the spectator.
Well we have expanded it to include No Limits Wrestling events featuring the Bad Boys of Wrestling.  The Bad Boys of Wrestling was started when we saw the need for something other than WWF and WCW Wrestling which had gotten so expensive to the customer to come watch.  It was very successful and we have decided to kickstart it again and our first event is in Eagle, Colorado where we just had the No Limits Monster Truck Summer Nationals to a sold out crowd!
There will be more events and great news soon!

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