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Quick is Champ of the World’s Best Independants!. . .

Give it everything it’s got!

Larry Quick Wins it again! 


Larry Quick from Aledo, Illinois jumped, slid, ramped, drove fast, crashed and scared the crowd and basically would not settle for 2nd place!  The driver/builder/designer/owner of Ghost Ryder a fast back 68 Mustang fiberglass replica body hung on a Quick Motorsports chassis powered by a 540 cubic inch 1800+ horsepower Chevy motor would not be denied the 2017 No Limits Grand National Monster Truck Championship!

Saturday night April 1st inside the huge Idaho State University indoor football stadium 9 of the best went at it like the skilled professionals they are.  The line-up was like a who’s who of Monster Trucks including BIGFOOT, BOUNTY HUNTER, IRON OUTLAW, GIRL POWER, WILD THANG, NITRO MENACE, JAIL BIRD, ILLUMINATOR and GHOST RYDER were all liking the track and the obstacles and had an eye on the Championship Trophies.

Ghost Ryder immediately won Wheelie contest, then Iron Outlaw won Racing over Ghost, next the final competition was hands down by crowd reaction was Ghost and Larry Quick had done it again!

Congratulations Larry,  you deserve this for sure!