Mower and Power Wheels Demo Derby Rules



First you have to learn how to giggle when you are lining up someone to smash into,  after that and doing the deed you are hooked into being a fan for life of demo derbies!

We are taking it a notch or two even higher as we will be running into each other with Front Engine Lawn Mowers and also Kiddie Power Wheels will be slamming the heck right out of each other and some of our venues this next year!

Here are the rules

Power Wheels Demo Rules
1.  Any regular electric Power Wheel is allowed.  No 4 wheeler type vehicles allowed.  Child’s legs must be in a compartment.  Ride in not ride on!
2.  Kids 3-10 years of age may participate.  There are two age groups:  3-5 and 6-10.
3.  Helmets must be worn.
4.  The vehicle is allowed to have UP TO a 12 volt lawn mower battery, which cannot be mounted in the passenger seat and battery must be secured and sealed away from the child.
5.  All doors and tailgates must be strapped shut.  No sharp edges.  Use zip ties or duct tape or other flexible product for making them stay shut.
6.  Tires may be covered in duct tape to prevent them from breaking.
7.  Motor must remain stock.  The only modification you may use and will be allowed is using a lawn mower battery.
8.  You can add decorations like headers, etc. but they cannot reinforce the car.
demoLawn Mower Demo Rules