November events

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We at the Checkered Flag offices are working on our November schedule as well as January-February-March & April event dates.

This last year has been a good one with changes we have needed to make in a long time.  We feel our shows are tighter with not as many delays as well as formatting to where we have you spent more time watching action and less time being there.  In other words we are striving to keep you time in the grandstand like you would in a movie about 2 hrs at the maximum.

We also will be stepping up our social media presence on FaceBook and other avenues.  We will become very active with give-a-ways and other ways to win on our websites for the fans.

We are also changing around many of our trucks so that you can see some new talent but of course your old favorites especially Larry Quick will be back in the Ghost Ryder Mustang.

We will strive to be the first monster truck show you see not the last.

Mud Bog Races as well as Tractor Pulls will become part of our events – bigger is always better so that is our plan.

Stay tuned more coming your way!