Ardmore was Awesome!

Early crowd shot

granstand crowd shot Ardmoreardmore parking lot

Friday and Saturday July 11-12th was two nights of Rock N Roll Horsepower and good old red neck fun at the Southern Oklahoma Speedway!  Friday night was great and Saturday nights event was bar none one of the better Monster Truck shows to ever come to Oklahoma!  We are so happy with the crowds and tuff trucks and the monster trucks we brought to town to put on the show.  

The Oklahoma Tornado started out the night by winning Wheelie Contest.  His truck has a new motor and the crew went to work before the show adjusting the suspension and it worked!  That truck probably has as much horsepower as any truck in the nation.  

Racing was close with an all new Chicago style racing as these drivers were slinging their trucks around the corners like the dirt track race cars that were part of each nights event.  Winning racing was Wild Thang.  The Oklahoma fans love that truck with it’s unusual body style and the action that is part of this Wild Thang it is hard not to like that truck.  Finishing second in racing was Robo Machine and it was a close race for sure.  

Larry Quick could not shake the gremlins he had from Friday night and lost power to the rear wheels.  So during racing he was only running in two wheel drive with just the front end doing all the work.  Slowly that did not last as then the transmission let go and he was dead in the middle of the track.  Larry decided he would let Shannon run her truck La Chica Laco first in freestyle then he would come back with her truck at the end of Freestyle Monster Truck Competition.  Larry hopped in her truck and come flying over the outside wall on the back straightaway to the roar of the crowd.  Then he proceeded to beat the hell out of that truck!  He drove it like he hated that truck and it kept on performing it seemed it was liking how hard he was driving it and Larry was all over the bus stack and jumped it over 130 feet off the ramp to the ground and the truck was over 20 feet in the air.  We should have pictures soon from the track photographer and wait til you see this!!  

We are so grateful to the Webb’s . . . . Nikki and John. . . .  the track owners for hiring us to bring this show to their speedway – it was a blast!!