More exciting events for CFP

We at CFP are in the office daily working on all the new ventures we have going for this summer/ and fall.  There is much to do when planning a show and we are already dove into 2015 Winter dates also.  

JUNE 13  7pm  Quincy, Illinois Raceway / Monster Trucks
JUNE 14  2p  Quincy, Illinois Raceway / Monster Trucks
JUNE 15  6pm Lincoln, Illinois Speedway/ Monster Trucks 

JUNE 21   Abilene, Tx Speedway BIG Ed Beckley Motorcycle Jump – 

We are very much also in the middle of our event on the weekend of Sept 7th, 2014 and that is the jump with a jet assisted motorcycle over the Snake River Canyon next to Twin Falls, Idaho by the CFP owner of CFP – BIG Ed Beckley.  He is almost healed up from the March 7th horrific crash in Hobbs, New Mexico.  BIG Ed will ride a specially built motorcycle up a ramp and fly over the 2300 foot wide 500 foot deep canyon.  Evel Knievel tried that jump back in 1974 and crashed into the bottom of the canyon with minor injuries.  Beckley will be jumping 800 feet further and is planning to make it and land it like a real motorcycle, “We have newer technology and a team that is second to none and will be spectacular and safe for all.”

That weekend we shall be two nights of Monster Truck Summer Nationals at the Jerome County Fairgrounds in Jerome. Idaho.  It is a great facility with a covered grandstand and a huge arena for plenty of action.  More about that Sept. 5th & 6th nightly shows soon.